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X AND BEYOND is an exhibition space dedicated to presenting, investigating and engaging with contemporary disaster culture. Social, ecological and economical disasters constitute one of the greatest challenges today and through the media of art at large the space aims to produce new knowledge and to develop a both critical and visionary language to address the challenge.

X AND BEYOND is affiliated with the research project Changing Disasters (2013-2017), which is part of Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research/COPE (2013-) at University of Copenhagen. Changing Disasters is a trans-disciplinary project involving researchers from all faculties at the university. The ambition of the project is to produce “a multi-facetted view on the social significance of disasters as actual events in the world and as prisms for perceiving the world.” X AND BEYOND is run and curated by Jacob Lillemose.

X AND BEYOND is constituted as an association. The board members are:
• Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Changing Disasters, adjunct professor, The Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
• Isak Winkel Holm, Changing Disasters, professor, Department of Arts and Culture Studies, University of Copenhagen
• Robin Engelhardt, Changing Disasters, postdoc, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
• Hanne Strager, director of exhibitions and communication, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen
• Sanne Kofoed Olsen, director, The Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen

X AND BEYOND is supported by: Novo Nordisk Foundation, Bikuben Foundation and The Danish Arts Council.